QTint respects the privacy of all visitors to its site. That means that we will always handle any personal information in a confidential manner.
We will only use your details in order to process your orders quickly and carefully and your details will only be used with your permission.
The QTint webshop/website will not sell your details to third parties and shall only make them available to third parties involved in the execution of your order.
Once you place an order at the QTint Webshop, we will need certain items of information from you for a variety of purposes.
Please see below for an explanation regarding what information we collect, how it is used, how we obtain it, what your rights are and how you can exercise them.
In order to provide you with a high-quality and personal service, we need to know certain details about you. Those details will only be used in relation to services
that you have specifically requested, such as an order you are placing or details that need to be changed. Your personal details will be added to QTint customer database,
but these which will only be used by QTint for its own purposes and not for anything else.

Purposes and data processing:

    Your details will be used for the evaluation, the conclusion and execution of the supply agreement. Your details will also be used for the management
    of the client relationship that arises from the supply agreement. This shall include targeted marketing campaigns, the collection of outstanding payments,
    the combating of fraud and compliance with statutory obligations. QTint will not divulge any details to third parties.


    We collect and process personal information to execute orders, including names, contact details, address details and payment details.
    Conform: The General Data Protection Regulation (AVG or also GDPR)
    We also collect data via cookies and similar tracking technologies to monitor the behavior of visitors on our website, so that we can improve
    the visitor experience on our website, for example by making appropriate product recommendations.

    In Europe we use Santu Pty Ltd as a processor to collect customer data on our behalf. We use Ideal, PayPal, SofortBanking,
    as a processor to process payments on our behalf. We use Google Analytics to track traffic on our website.

    Personal data is stored for 8 years to comply with government regulations.
    If we become aware of a security breach where personal information is disclosed, we will contact our supervisory authority within 72 hours.
    The persons whose personal details have been disclosed will also be notified immediately via their registered e-mail address.
    We use cookies or similar methods on our website and in our e-mails for our legitimate interests according to article 6 (f) of the AVG.
    They enable us to:
    * perform our online store functions
    * improve your visitor experience
    * Track website traffic to help us manage our website
    * offer social media functions
    * analyze website traffic for marketing purposes


    The QTint webshop/website shall be responsible for the handling of the personal details of its Members. QTint undertakes to comply
    with the Act of 8 December 1992 governing the protection of privacy and the processing of personal data and with all regulations that
    apply in that regard. Per 28 May 2018 in accordance with: The General Data Protection Regulation (AVG or also GDPR)

Who will process your details at QTint:

    Only employees of the QTint webshop/website and its logistical partners will make use of the personal details of Members and Customers.
    The sole purpose of such use shall be in order to supply and invoice the products and services ordered, to contact Members or Customers
    in the event of problems or to communicate personally with Members and Customers or to provide them with a personalized website that
    reflects the interests and preferences of the Members or Customers concerned.


    Any persons acting upon the authorization of the responsible person, together with the responsible person themselves and those who have
    access to personal data, shall be obliged to uphold the confidentiality of the personal details that may come to their knowledge, except in so
    far as they are obliged by virtue of legislation or regulations to divulge any such details.

The rights of our customers and visitors:

    As a visitor or customer of our website, you are have the right to contact our Service department in order to ask them to inform you whether
    or not we are processing your personal information. Within four weeks of your request, the Service department will inform you in writing what
    details are being processed, for what purposes they are being processed and how those details were obtained, whom they are being provided
    to and for what purposes. You are also entitled to submit a request to the Service department to amend, supplement, remove or protect any
    of your personal details. You may submit a request of this type in the event that the details are factually incorrect, are insufficient for the
    purposes for which they are being used, are irrelevant or are being processed in a manner that contravenes the law.

Links on our website:

    The QTint website may include advertisements by third parties or links to other sites that are not under the control of QTint Webshop.
    QTint shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for the content of such websites or for compliance with the privacy regulations on the part
    of the operators of those sites. Furthermore, the inclusion of links to other sites shall not imply any approval on the part of QTint in relation to the content of any such sites.

Change of address:

    Customers undertake to inform the QTint Webshop of any change of address. As long as QTint Webshop has not received notification of a
    change of address, you will continue to be held liable for any items ordered that have been delivered to your previous address.


    Having read this Privacy Policy, do you still have any questions with regard to how your privacy is protected when you visit the website?
    If so, please send an e-mail. We will answer your questions as soon as we can.
    QTint reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time, in the event that developments occur with regard to technology, legislation,
    processing or provisions. Any changes shall be notified on this page.