Bring more than color to glass

Interlayer Decorative are special films for decorative effects with colored interlayers in EVA, PVB or special unique interlayers that can be laminated together with for example EVA/PVB/TPU.
The colors and effects are strong and intense. The possibility of using a large range of color in a façade or as interior glazing without having to increase glass thickness to achieve color intensity.
With a few basic colors its possible to create more than thousands of colors simple to combine them.
Architects, interior designers, glass fabricators, glazing engineers can achieve the best color results by choosing or combining the right color interlayer or fabric.

Soon we will offer you the complete pallet:

• PVB Color interlayer

• EVA Color interlayer

• Interlayer fabric/mesh

• And other decorative interlayers which can be easily laminated between 
  EVA, PVB, TPU or Ionomer


Rainbow Effect

Holographic Effect


Glow in the Dark


Interlayer PET (printable)