For the qualification of testing laminated glass there are several standards available.
According to for example: EN12600 | DIN 52338 | EN12543-5

Requirements for laminators might slightly vary from country to another. Laminators are responsible to know if they comply with the norms for their application.

For the qualification the following properties are tested + The test equipment:
1  Air or tin side ("construction")
     - Tin Side Detector is very helpful in identifying the tin side. Short-wave UV energy causes the tin to fluorescence at a frequency that is visible to the human eye
     - UV Lamp of “tinside detector”

2 Moisture in the foil (interlayer)
    - Moisture analyser
    - Infrared Spectroscopy

3 Adhesive (pummel adhesion test and Drop ball test)
   - To check the strength and glass adhesion.
      The pendulum test functionality reproduce the impact of a human body falling onto a window or a glass wall.
      Aims at preventing the fall of a person through the glass and the injuries which might be induced by the glass splinters.
   - Adhesion is controlled to prevent possible glass separation due to insufficient adhesion and possible problems during the ball drop test due to excessively high adhesion.
     This test is used to qualify the resistance of laminated glass against manual attack. Thus its main target is the use of laminated glass in applications such as ground floor housings.
     THe test is passed if the ball does not go through the glass in the five seconds following the impact. 
   - 500gr hammer with flat side, anvil in metal under 45 °, for PVB also a freezer (-18 ° C)

4 Haze
    - The Haze meter measures transparency parameters, it measures: total transmission, haze and clarity.
    - Haze meter

5 Bake test
    - To check glass adhesion
    - Hot air circulation oven up to 150 ° C minimum  

6 Other Quick and Easy testing devices from glass meters to measuring equipments.
  • QTint Glass Meters and Measuring Tools
  • QTint Fractional Insulating Glass Thickness Gauge
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  • QTint Solar/BTU Power Meter
  • QTint Solar/UV Sales Demo Kit
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  • QTint Window Energy Profiler
  • QTint Commercial Tin Side Detector
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  • QTint Line-Powered Tin Side Detector
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