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LPF films are supplied custommade with busbar and cables.
Cables will be offered seperately to have a smooth edge after laminating. 
We offer sheets up to 1.8 metres wide and lengths of up to 3 metres (standard) or more.

This is an interlayer which is composed of polymer and liquid crystals that change state from opaque to transparent when an electrical current is activated.It can be used for in door applications. For outside applications it depends on the built-up glass.As outdoor application is quite critical and require some cautions.

PDLC (Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal)

PDLC (Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal) Interlayer that change their status from translucent / opaque to transparent in a few milliseconds  when an electrical current is activated. By switching the interlayer on and off, control of privacy is achieved in no time.
This gives you numerous possibilities in a business or private environment indoor or outdoor applications.
You can think of conference or meeting-rooms, showrooms, bathrooms, land vehicles, marine.
It can be developed in several segments which you can also control by a dimmer and remote control.
Which makes it also possible to switch rows/patterns or create special designs.

PDLC films are laminated between two pieces of glass where this conductive layer of liquid crystals composed of a LPF-PDLC solid polymer matrix is inserted between two interlayers, which mades it translucent by means of a simple electrical impulse.

Optional: Switchable Interlayer Cut-To-Size
Includes busbar and wires

Optional: Switchable Interlayer Rolls
Excluding busbar and wires

Optional: Switchable Interlayer Adhesive
The film consists of a PDLC switchable film having one side capable of dry adhesion on glass or to
other transparent substrates. The Click-Film is removable without leaving residues on surfaces.
Includes busbar and wires

Optional: Switchable Interlayer Pattern
The patterns add a creative touch to your vision.

Few Applications:
• office buildings
• hotels, spa
• display windows
• bathrooms
• health care environments
• museums and public buildings
• waiting rooms
• hospitals