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Printing on an interlayer makes it possible to create endless designs between glass.

Digital printing on PET is based on a transparent interlayer. Interlayer PET is a thermoplastic polymer for glass lamination.
Interlayer PET can be printed utilizing standard roll to roll ink-jet printers with solvent, latex or UV curing inks.
The possibilities of printing on PET are endless, any image or graphic design can be printed with different colors which creates a personal unique design.
It can be printed with UV curing Ink-jet printers to produce vibrant results. It can be printed with Solvent Ink-jet printers.
The high transmission makes it ideal for the use with white and silver inks.
Well suited for roll to roll processing on standard ink-jet printers,

due to their scratch resistant surfaces.

Applications -Interiors and exteriors-
• medical applications
• business Graphics
• architecture
• facades
• skylights
• doors
• conference rooms

Highly transparent PET film to be used as decoration interlayer for EVA and PVB glass lamination.
There are several thickness available, 100μm (0.10mm), 188μm (0.20mm)
Interlayer PET offers distinctive features for the lamination process:
- Low heat shrinkage <0.3%
- Good scratch resistance preventing degradation of transparency
- Good ink drying and adhesion allowing vibrant colors
- White and silver ink compatible for special designs