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Create more than thousands colors with Interlayer Color PVB.

If you only laminate with PVB than there is a variety of colors that can be used as single layer or multiple layers
to create more than thousands colors, just by matching them.
With Interlayer Color PVB you can achieve the closest match to your Pantone, RAL, NCS or RGB color with a combination of PVB Color. 

Interlayer Color PVB is a perfect fit for elegant buildings design, our a great inspiration for the most creative architects and designers. 

Applications -Interiors and exteriors-
• hospitals
• restaurants
• architecture
• facades
• hotels
• airports
• conference rooms
• overhead glazing

With Interlayer Color PVB you are opening the door to endless possibilities for interior and exterior design.
With the appropriate configurations, laminated security glazing made with the right type of Interlayer Color PVB can successfully reduce the amount of impact as a result of ballistic attacks.

If you work with a PVB Interlayer:
- Necessary to work in a clean room
- Most PVB are sensitive to moisture
- Special storage required
- Controlled environment