• Description

Glass is generally transparent, to project images on it can easily achieved with Interlayer Screen.

QTint SCREEN Interlayer

Glass  is generally transparent. You can see through it, but you are not able to cast images or videos on it
due to the light transmission feature of glass itself.

SCREEN film makes it possible to display images on glass through any kind of projector. 

The films were designed for rear protection that is ideal for:
•  shop environments
•  exhibitions
•  museums 
•  public building

SCREEN films were designed to convert existing glass or PMMA windows to projection surfaces for video projectors.
These products use best quality base materials that are guaranteeing high light throughput and low distortion of the projected image.

SCREEN is an adhesive rear projection screen in Transparent, White and (Dark) Grey.
Its light diffusion layer and forward scattering characteristics, it generates a bright projected image on the screen. 

Available in adhesive and non adhesive.

Installation: Type of adhesive film PVB, TPU, EVA