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With QTint Interlayer TOUCH you can easily control glass displays / windows and panels.

Almost everyone is familiar with touchscreens.
•  you find it in smartphones
•  to control industrial machinery
Touch screen panels have been considered to be key components in information devices such as mobile cellular phones, navigation systems, informative flat panel displays, and mobile pads.

Over the years we see glass get thinner for clever applications in electronics which is needed
for application where buttons cannot be installed. Thinner glass is especially of interest for the automotive industry,
thinking of lightweight. Or an anti-reflective glass with anti-interference coating on one or both sides.

Touch screens has a variety of applications:
- In House
- Marine Sector
- Automotive Sector
- Hospital
- Security

Most of the touch screens use a transparent metal oxide coating (film).
New developments in the markets shows that almost all functions in cars are controlled through displays
- It means that buttons/switches will disappear slowly.

Glass is in many cases a key advantage, glass is highly scratch resistant,
some applications needs absolutely sterility in for example OR’s.

Combine Screen film with Touch.